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apple music

Back Up Your Music Before Disabling Apple Music

Apple Music’s deep integration with both iOS and iTunes is handy, but ...

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Go Install This Chrome Extension For Sending Self-Destructing Gmails

Gmail’s Undo Send feature gives users of Google’s free email service up ...

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Master the Game of Poker with This Free MIT Course on Poker Theory

Master the Game of Poker with This Free MIT Course on Poker Theory

Whether you like to play poker online for fun, or want to ...

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“Willing” Automatically Generates Your Legally Binding Will

It’s not the most exciting thing to do, but creating a will ...

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When it comes to censorship, WordPress has your back

Automattic, WordPress’s parent company, has a new transparency report that shows that ...

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Musk, Wozniak and Hawking urge ban on warfare AI and autonomous weapons

Over 1,000 high-profile artificial intelligence experts and leading researchers have signed an ...

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Google Scored a Patent for Memory-Storing Cameras, Sound Familiar?

A searchable database of all your memories—creepy? Or a blessing for your ...

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Amazon finally “bigger” than Walmart

Amazon’s value on the stock market surged past Walmart’s last night—a long-expected ...

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Self Improvement

coconut oil

Switch to Coconut Oil for Its Fat-Burning Properties

Coconut oil is a fat-burning fat. If you don’t despise the lingering ...

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MSDN eBooks

Download Over 240 Free Technical eBooks from Microsoft

Microsoft’s MSDN blog is again offering a big batch of free technical ...

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Streaks Is a Simple Habit Tracker and Daily Reminder for Android

Android: Habits are difficult to adopt, so it’s important not to overload ...

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Therapy Works as Well as Medication for Insomnia–and May Last Longer

Medication is the quickest fix for insomnia, and it’s popular—about 4% of ...

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