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Debloater Blocks, Disables, or Removes Bloatware on Android

Windows/OS X: If you need to clear out bloatware on your Android ...

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How to Set a Looping Video as Your Facebook Profile Picture on iOS

Facebook is starting to roll out some interesting new changes to mobile ...

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How to Animate GIFs in Your Google Search Results

Are you the type of person who Googles for GIFs? Then you’re ...

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How To Bring Back Anything You Just Typed in Android

Whether a long missive to a long-lost friend or your bank card ...

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Android and iOS users get sized up with PornHub statistics [SFW]

With the launch of the new iPhone series, the good guys at ...

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An Ancient Volcanic Collapse Triggered an 800 Foot Tsunami Wave

Scientists have just uncovered one of the largest tsunami events in the ...

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Japan will begin testing self-driving cabs next year

A company called – wait for it – Robot Taxi has announced ...

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Data breaches are winning the privacy wars, so what should privacy advocates do?

My latest Guardian column, “Why is it so hard to convince people ...

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Self Improvement


Learn to Make Windows 10 Apps With This Free Course From Microsoft

With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced Universal Apps, that you can write once ...

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Learn SQL with This Free Three-Hour Course from Codecademy

SQL is the world’s most popular language for managing and manipulating databases. ...

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Boost Your Creative Skills With This Simple Word Exercise

Boost Your Creative Skills With This Simple Word Exercise

To quote Steve Jobs, creativity is just connecting things. You may argue ...

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coconut oil

Switch to Coconut Oil for Its Fat-Burning Properties

Coconut oil is a fat-burning fat. If you don’t despise the lingering ...

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