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How to Skip the Line and Manually Update Your Nexus Device

Android updates take forever. While that’s okay most of the time, it ...

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Learn Eight Helpful Microsoft Excel Tricks with This Handy Cheat Sheet

If you’re new to using Microsoft Excel, or an experienced user looking ...

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Common Foods That are Toxic to Dogs

Our pets are at our mercy, so it’s up to us to ...

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Vysor Controls Your Android Phone From Chrome, No Android App Necessary

Vysor Controls Your Android Phone From Chrome, No Android App Necessary

Chrome: There are a variety of ways to remotely control your Android ...

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Instagram Isn’t Only Square Photos Anymore

Starting today, Instagrammers no longer have to crop their latte art shots ...

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Pocket Now Recommends Articles for You Based on the Ones You’ve Saved

Pocket is one of our favorite services for saving articles to read ...

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facebook m

Facebook’s New Personal Assistant “M” Is Part Robot and Part Human

Apple has Siri. Microsoft has Cortana. Google has Google Now. Now, Facebook ...

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jurassic park

How To Get Instant Movie Reviews From Google

In Google’s ideal world, you would never have to leave the search ...

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Self Improvement

Boost Your Creative Skills With This Simple Word Exercise

Boost Your Creative Skills With This Simple Word Exercise

To quote Steve Jobs, creativity is just connecting things. You may argue ...

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coconut oil

Switch to Coconut Oil for Its Fat-Burning Properties

Coconut oil is a fat-burning fat. If you don’t despise the lingering ...

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MSDN eBooks

Download Over 240 Free Technical eBooks from Microsoft

Microsoft’s MSDN blog is again offering a big batch of free technical ...

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Streaks Is a Simple Habit Tracker and Daily Reminder for Android

Android: Habits are difficult to adopt, so it’s important not to overload ...

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