Tips N Tricks

Hide Your Holiday Booze On Your Tree With These Ornament Shot Glasses

Nothing makes dealing with visiting friends and families during the holidays easier ...

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Turn off Flash in Chrome

Yesterday I followed Tracy Hern’s advice and turned off the Flash plug-in ...

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Create a Tree View for Google Drive for Easy File Navigation

Navigating files in Google Drive is a bit cumbersome. If you’re looking ...

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The Science Behind Making the Perfect Jello Shot

Jello shots have become a tasty staple for parties all over. To ...

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The DOJ Used 225-Year-Old Law to Bypass a Phone’s Password

When it comes to encryption, some of the Department of Justice’s views ...

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The Harvester is a High-Tech Composter that Converts Retail Food Waste Onsite

Seattle-based startup WISErg puts its founders’ software development backgrounds to innovative use, ...

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The EU Wants to Extend Its ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Around the World

Earlier this year, the European Union Court of Justice ruled that people ...

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Scientists predict green energy revolution after incredible new graphene discoveries

A recently discovered form of carbon graphite – the material in pencil ...

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Self Improvement

Does “Positive Thinking” Really Make Our Lives Better?

You’ve heard the self-help gurus who say positive thoughts can bring us ...

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Build Mental Toughness In Under Two Minutes with this Mental Workout

In order to strengthen your mind and build mental toughness, you need ...

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Block Out “Unscheduled Time” In Your Day for Proactive Tasks

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, block off time in your day for flexible, ...

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“Stop, Breathe & Think” Customizes Meditations For Beginners

iOS/Android/Web: If you’re trying to do more mindful meditation, you may need ...

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