Tips N Tricks

The Many Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

The Many Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

It may sound like the last thing you want to do, but ...

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Never Stay In a Hotel With Crappy Wi-Fi Thanks to This Useful Site

When you’re traveling, hotel Wi-Fi might be your only source of connectivity, ...

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The Essential Android Security Features You Should Enable Right Now

Your phone is probably the most personal device you own. You carry ...

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Make and Store Poached Eggs Up to Two Days for Easier Breakfast

Poached eggs aren’t always easy to make, but this new trick will ...

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The Pirate Bay Is Now Mobile-Optimized, If That’s Something You Want

The Pirate Bay, the infamous peer-to-peer file sharing website, has provided only ...

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Low education makes the brain age faster

Growing old isn’t fun. Our joints and muscles get weaker and our ...

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​MultCloud Ties Together All Your Cloud Storage Services

If you like to take advantage of free space for your files, ...

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UV-Powered Blood Test Could Make Universal Cancer Detection Possible

Early detection is the best tool to fight cancer, but biopsies can ...

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Self Improvement

Book an Anti-Procrastination Appointment to Tackle Unwanted Tasks

We all have some tasks we like to avoid, like getting paperwork ...

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9 Minutes a Day is the Magic Number for Better Personal Branding

Professionals know it’s important to promote yourself to step up the corporate ...

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Remember “RAIN” When You Feel Overwhelmed

Sometimes in our daily lives stress starts getting the best of us ...

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Sleep’s role in memory formation discovered: do you get enough?

Sleep’s role in improving memory has been discovered by scientists in the ...

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