Tips N Tricks

Google CS First Teaches Kids Programming and Computer Science for Free

There are a wealth of ways for kids to learn computer science ...

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Gallery Doctor Identifies Bad or Duplicate Photos for Easy Deletion

Android: You don’t have to try very hard to take too many ...

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Bitcoin Wallet by Coinbase: Making Bitcoin easy for everyone

Bitcoin isn’t new. In fact, Wikipedia points to the date of introduction ...

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Create a YouTube Playlist Without an Account With This URL Trick

YouTube’s playlist features are pretty neat. However, having them tied to accounts ...

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A New Injectable Enzyme Can Halt the Bleeding of Wounds

In serious emergencies, blood loss can be a rapid and unstoppable cause ...

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Research Blog: A step closer to quantum computation with Quantum Error Correction

A step closer to quantum computation with Quantum Error Correction

Computer scientists have dreamt of large-scale quantum computation since at least 1994 ...

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Brands Get a Better Version of Instagram Than You Do Now 

Instagram is rolling out an intriguing new feature: carousel-style photo sets that ...

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The new Google Contacts: Bringing everyone together

From email to Hangouts to a good ol’ fashioned phone call, you’ve ...

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Self Improvement

Avoid Over-Committing Your Time with This Simple Formula

Time management can be tough, but it often comes down to not ...

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Snack Healthier on a Diet with These Sub-200 Calorie Snacks

Losing weight boils down to taking in less energy than you spend. ...

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Reduce Stress During the Day With a Slow Morning

Setting up some morning rituals helps start off your day right. The ...

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Jumpstart Your Day With Extreme Temperatures In Your Morning Shower

Mornings are tough, but the right kind of shower can help. Alternate ...

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